Turning A Blind Eye

from by Komplex



I try to live my life
Don’t want to hear you cry
Can’t stand reality
Turning a blind eye

I want to be someone
Don’t want to think too much
Can’t stand morality

I try to close my eyes
Don’t want to see you cry
Can’t stand the ruined lives
Turning a blind eye

I live in hypocrisy
A life filled with luxury
Don’t want to realize
What we are doing

We consume all we can while we point and we judge while we
all close our eyes at the guilt we create

Condemn those who care and are trying to speak against our system
that runs on the blood of the weak

Living in guilt, it's their sweat that we wear and their blood that we eat
while we look the other way

You feel no remorse for the souls we exploit while we
live out our lives undisturbed every day’

Turning a blind eye


from Forcefed Lies, released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Komplex Groningen, The Netherlands

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