Forcefed Lies

by Komplex

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Recorded on 22 and 23 november 2014 at Studio 1in12 in Bradford by Bri Doom


released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Komplex Groningen, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Forcefed Lies
Living in a world
Exposed to constant lies
Commercially ensured
You're their subject of demise

Advertisements stare at you
Like monoliths up high
Their lies they tower up and up
They reach the fucking sky

Too blind to see
We accept their lies.
Knowing the truth
We close our eyes.

I spread the lies
On their behalf
I'm their slave
I can't trust myself

They lie about your life
Their lies spread nation wide
Politics and governments
They all spout fucking shite

Straight faced telling us
What will and what will not
Their decisions are just fashion based
They're pissing on the lot
Track Name: Product
When did we get numbed
Tuned down by society
When did we accept
This product of an appalling industry

Exploit the earth
For the wealth they gain
Track Name: I Don't Want To Live
Driving me insane
You cause me so much pain
Grind me through the dirt
You’ve caused me so much hurt

Life’s lusts slip away
My mind has gone astray
Is this the reason why
I’m too weak to cry

I don’t want to live

Am I the one to blame
The questions stay the same
The days are such a drag
I want my old self back

You're afraid to die
While I'm afraid to live
Give me a reason why
Why do I want to die

I don’t want to live

Memories of what has been
Fill me with despair
The times that were will not return
This I cannot bear

The question as I lie
Do I want to die

Acceptance is asleep
But I am wide awake
Reality will weep
The thoughts I must forsake

The question as I lie
Do I want to die
Track Name: As Sheep We Follow
Do you lie awake for
Decisions you make for others

Bullshit politics

No mercy for the weak
No mercy for others

Move you like a marionette
Toy soldiers on the playfield

Why must I lie awake for
Decisions that you make

Snake eyed

Leading us as sheep
And they get away
Leading us as sheep
Why do they get away
Track Name: Derealization
I've watched myself through the mirror tonight
I see a vague reflection of myself
What I once saw, clear and bright
Now a polluted sight of empty shell

It’s in my mind

The walls are made of cardboard
As I walk through an empty set
It’s like I’m living inside myself
As I sleep cold in what remains

It’s in my mind

Get me out
I’m trapped inside
Track Name: Fukushima Fuck-Up
Mistakes are being made
As they try to cover up
The cold truth behind
Humanity's final error
Radioactive waste
Seeping through the holes
Will we survive
If they keep this alive

They scream and they cry
While we wonder why
They neglect and forget
As they hide behind lies
Deform is reborn
A generation in pain
Lost life and lost land
Is this what we gain

We scream and we cry
As we don't want to die
We neglect and forget
As we hide in our lives
Inform the untold
As they try to sustain
Must we all die
Or will this beast be detained

Destroying the earth
And humans alike
Track Name: Useless
You try and make the world
be a better place

Try and bring change
to the human race

Imagine a world
how it all should be

Open up our eyes
so that we finally see

Human race destroys itself
You can’t bear to see what happens

Trying to save us all
But we've gone too far, we're in too deep

It seems useless
It’s all useless
Track Name: Fucked Numb
Everywhere we go
It's always the same
Robbed, deceived molested
You're the one to blame
We know it, we accept it
It's just the same old game
Bend over bud, just how I like
Now bow your head in shame

Constantly abused
Nowhere for you to run
The billboards look at you
Flashing images are on
They fill your head with crap
Non-stop shouts go on and on
Your sight is full, got overload
You're the numb fucked one
Track Name: Turning A Blind Eye
I try to live my life
Don’t want to hear you cry
Can’t stand reality
Turning a blind eye

I want to be someone
Don’t want to think too much
Can’t stand morality

I try to close my eyes
Don’t want to see you cry
Can’t stand the ruined lives
Turning a blind eye

I live in hypocrisy
A life filled with luxury
Don’t want to realize
What we are doing

We consume all we can while we point and we judge while we
all close our eyes at the guilt we create

Condemn those who care and are trying to speak against our system
that runs on the blood of the weak

Living in guilt, it's their sweat that we wear and their blood that we eat
while we look the other way

You feel no remorse for the souls we exploit while we
live out our lives undisturbed every day’

Turning a blind eye
Track Name: Human Pollution
I’m tired of your bullshit
I’m tired of your waste
I’m tired of your attitude
I’m tired of your race

Parasitic creatures
Spilling and displaced
Defacing and consuming
Soon to be effaced

I’m tired of your bullshit
I’m tired of your waste
I’m tired of your attitude
I’m tired of your race

Humanity pollution
Soiled and debased
Worn out by our greed
This is human waste

Human pollution
Track Name: Morality Hypocrisy
What happened in our lifespan to where we are today
Enslaved by greed and capital is what we all might say
The church, the kings, the dictators they did all fade away
Replaced with our great system of morality’s decay

We take the moral highground when we observe the industry
Yet we still participate in this neo-slavery
Expecting those who profit to change the way they do
You should know morality is pure hypocrisy

You can’t blame the others
For choices that you make
Fist deep in your morals
You can’t afford one small mistake

History is written by the victors so they say
Monopolized the truth as we wash mistakes away
Learn about your truth as you learn about yourself
Only you can change the way you see, no masters to obey
Track Name: Own Yourself
Mighty god is telling you
How to live your life
His mighty pawns they want of you
To restrict your rights
He is right
You are not
If you won’t listen
You shall rot
Listen up your god is right
You shall fight for his holy might

Own your life own yourself
Worship none but yourself

Mighty god is telling me
How to live my life
His mighty pawns they want of my
To restrict my rights
He is right
I am not
If I won’t listen
I shall rot
Listen up my god is right
I shall fight for his holy shite
Track Name: Nothing Has Changed
Nothing has changed
The killing continues
Warmachine rides on
Firebird flies on

Why must we live
In eternal Warfare

Are you ready to burn?
Mechanical extinction

Mass death achieved
And children? And children