Morality Hypocrisy

from by Komplex



What happened in our lifespan to where we are today
Enslaved by greed and capital is what we all might say
The church, the kings, the dictators they did all fade away
Replaced with our great system of morality’s decay

We take the moral highground when we observe the industry
Yet we still participate in this neo-slavery
Expecting those who profit to change the way they do
You should know morality is pure hypocrisy

You can’t blame the others
For choices that you make
Fist deep in your morals
You can’t afford one small mistake

History is written by the victors so they say
Monopolized the truth as we wash mistakes away
Learn about your truth as you learn about yourself
Only you can change the way you see, no masters to obey


from Forcefed Lies, released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Komplex Groningen, The Netherlands

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